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This is my last public Blog post and Tweet about free giveaways.

From now on, all free promotions, if I choose to run anymore, will always center around Friday.

I usually give out books on Thursday and Saturday too (and sometimes other days), but EVERY book that is given away Free will always be available on at least one Friday, WHY?

Because, I’m sick of talking about it.

To me, this blog should be a creative writing platform, a place I can go and just write.

Announcing a free ebook via blog is too much work: it takes a minimum of an hour to construct a decent blog post, edit it, and compose a decent Tweet.

Most of these blog posts are pretty identical, so, I refuse to do them any longer.

So, if you want to subscribe to my blog, please do so:

  • I’ll blog about books recently published, books I’m working on, and any other topic I feel like ranting about; what I won’t do, is tell you when my stories are going to be available for FREE:


This FRIDAY is 12/20, the giveaway starts at 12:00 AM PST (Amazon’s Midnight- 3 AM Eastcoast)

This Friday is my Christmas bonus to you, my fans, (and the ones that read my blogpost from the hashtag room.)

TOMORROW you can download 6 packets (short stories and small books) and 2 Novels for FREE (Retail $28):

PACKETS: (short stories/quick reads)

Lotus Corporation – Packet 4





In the near future, alien race is discovered with ability to travel FASTER than speed of light, through projected thought.

The Lotus Corporation owns this newly discovered inhabited planet.

The secret to faster than light, virtual, travel is believed to be a chemical stimulant

Power Trip – Packet 5

12/20 and 12/21




A direct continuation of Lotus Corporation.

Power Trip takes us physically to The Emperor’s throne room, for a journey into metaphysics, hypnosis, and psychological terror.

Novel Roadkill 1 – Packet 6

12/20 and 12/21





Teaches the first two rules to follow when giving an Ebook away (nonfiction to help writers sell their novels).

Novel Roadkill 2 – Packet 7 

12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23




An account of a writer receiving advice from an unexpected source, his future self!

Ties together Power Trip and Novel Roadkill.

Descend – Packet 8


12/19 12/20 12/21




Descend: a planet discovered unlike any other;

a dark planet composed of 100% carbon:

  • 10Xs the diameter of Earth should mean extreme gravity; it doesn’t.
  • it should have no life, it’s too far from any star for evolution to have started, yet there is life, abundant life.

As the first explorers begin investigating, a message starts being received, seemingly from the planet itself: “You’re not welcome here! Leave!

Science Fiction and Psychological Horror.

The Gates – Packet 9


12/19 12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23




A character, mentioned a few times in How to Beat up a Bully, will stop at nothing to achieve success, this drive, leads him down a very dark path,

a path that leads to: The Gates.


Kuzka’s Mother

12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24






12/20 12/21




How to Beat up a Bully introduces The Seeker to:

Ray, the main character of The Furai Compilation.

Ivan, the scientist inventor crucial to the survival of the human race.

And, the Furai, a dangerous secret society, that teaches its followers ancient majik; how to build, finance, and manage an army, and, conquer any enemy.


What is a Majik Tweet? #fcsocial #socialmedia #SocialMediaMarketing #twittermarketing #marketing #furaicompilation

Listen carefully, this blog post can make you a lot of money…

Twitter has spent a ton of money figuring out what tweets are popular, what tweets people are actually reading, clicking on, interacting with, retweeting etc…

If someone has a million followers, and they get retweeted a thousand times by ditto head fans, that is valuable…

But, if the followers of the ditto heads ignore the retweets, the message was effectively seen by a thousand people (many of them probably ignored the message and just retweeted it, because their idol told them to).

That tweet, although retweeted 1000 times, not very valuable.

But, if one person, with 0 followers, creates a tweet that EVERYONE pauses to READ in a hashtag room, that is valuable too.

This one tweet could be read by a million people!

Obviously having a lot of fans is important, but, what percentage of a twitterer’s fan base is real? What percentage of a twitterer’s fan base actually reads his/her tweets?

I see people with thousands of followers, that is impressive.

Some of these people are following many people, I honestly believe the maximum number of people, a person can effectively follow is about 200, and that may be too much, verdict pending…

What is really impressive: seeing someone with a ton of followers, that aren’t following many people, like for instance Donald Trump.



Trump is an interesting guy, his tweets are read.

He is not trying to sell you his products, or convince you to join his group, he is just sending out his “wisdom” and people are listening.

I am a fan of Mr. Trumps. I like reading what he has to say; he will say anything he wants, any time he wants.

He also tweets out encouraging, inspirational tidbits, stuff that Vince Lombardi would say, management, leadership, money related quotes.

He is not out there spamming his products with his tweets (for the most part). Most of his tweets are personal advice, and, opinions on any topic he feels anything about.

A majik tweet is a tweet, that, when people see it, they are FASCINATED by it. It catches their eye; they read it, click on it; interact with it; respond to it; ideally retweet it.


If you are new, and don’t have a ton of followers, it is tempting to trade follows, i.e., follow a bunch of people in hopes, some follow you back, or, follow those that follow you (as a thank you gesture).

Don’t do this!


Follow someone, if you are 100% committed to reading their tweets.

Seek followers who are 100% committed to reading your tweets (fans).

This is real; this is power.

How does one get there?

Answer: I’m not sure- but- I have a theory.

First step is to be 100% committed to creating valuable (majik) tweets.

A majik tweet:

  • Inspires people.
  • Makes people laugh.
  • Starts a conversation.
  • Makes people think.
  • Shows people a cool image.

I’m sure there are many things that could make this above list; what’s important, in creating a majik tweet, is creating a tweet that has value to your recipient.

Does the tweet enrich the reader’s lives, even for just a second?

Here is a list of tweet items, guess which ones are majik tweets; which ones aren’t:

A joke.

A picture of kittens.

A funny story.

An inspirational quote.

A compelling news story.

A unique perspective you agree with, or disagree with enough to make you respond.

An ad for a book.

An ad for a blog post.

Your concert dates.

Get it?

The key to creating a majik tweet is to create value for others. A tweet loses its power, the more it benefits you, directly.

Ironic, isn’t it.

If you want your tweet to have power, remove direct benefit from it. Instead, try to create a masterpiece of value, in 140 characters.

A tweet should stand on its own two feet, it should be something beyond click here for the goodies.

Here is a test to see if your tweet has majik power.

The majik tweet test:

If you wrote the 140 character message, on a paper notecard; handed it to a total stranger:

Would they benefit from it? If they did nothing but read it?

Would they put it in their pocket?

Would they xerox it? Hand out copies to their friends?

Would they spend money to have it engraved on a plaque, or frame it?

Tweets like this are hard work. They require an eye for plagiarism, or a very creative mind.

If you are a writer, a comedian, a blogger, or someone that makes a living by selling your words, this concept is difficult. Most of these people become serial spammers on Twitter, in the hopes of selling their paid content; I don’t blame them.

It goes back to the axiom:

Those that focus on giving, will have more than they need.

Those that focus on taking, will NEVER have enough.

Twitter is a brand new medium; there has never been anything like it on Earth. The rules for success are different there, than in any other medium, as words, text of 140 characters, can actually become a living breathing organism, bouncing around in cyberspace for hours, days, weeks, months, years, millennia.

Knowing what must be done, is different than actually doing it:


I have never created a majik tweet, but, when I learn how; you will see me with numbers like Donald.

Commit to trying to add value with every Tweet, if you do, in a year it will pay off in abundance unmeasurable.

Look at Twitter, not as a mass of people to smear spam on…

But, as a group of busy, hardworking people with hopes, dreams, lives.

It is hard to take this type of moral stand when you are just starting out…


But, I would rather have 1000 people who are actually interested in what I have to say, than 50,000 sub for subs, that spam all day, and don’t read a single tweet I send.

If I can create a few majik tweets, and a few majik blog posts, sprinkle in a few majik comments and maybe a majik book or 2, the money will flow from their residuals.

Am I saying not to do self promoting tweets, no. It wasn’t a majik tweet that brought you here, it was a promotional tweet.

I am saying to seek a ratio, a percentage of a twitterer’s tweets and retweets should be for the sole purpose of benefiting others, beyond the benefit the user gets in obtaining the tweeter’s goodies.

Thank you for your time.


If this blog post has value to you:

  • Enrich yourself and enrich your fan base by sharing this blog post with others.
  • Post a comment. (make it majik so those that see it find you)
  • Tweet about this blog.
  • Send this post as a link to a friend, who is interested in this topic.
  • Subscrribe to the blog, or my twitter account, if you want to see what a majik tweet looks like, or a majik blog post looks like.

I don’t know if I will ever create a majik tweet or blog, but, I’m trying.

© Richard Skeet 2013