#KindleUnlimited The World Has Changed. #author #authors #writer #writers

Checked my email a few hours ago,

received a message from Amazon,

my life,

and the life of ANYONE,

who’s an independent author,

will NEVER be the same.

Keep reading.

-They won’t listen to you.

Yes they will.

-No they won’t,

you’re losing them right now.

Well fuck’em then;

you don’t need the competition anyway.

Forgive my random thoughts;


the voices in my head kick into overdrive.

Keep writing.

If you’re a reader,


used to be a reader,


would like to be a reader,

Amazon has just released a Netflix like service for books.

Pay $10 a month,

read ALL you want.


Fucking cool!

Right away I read analysis on a few Web blogs that this is nothing new,


there are two other services which are “similar.”


Did you notice that Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore?

Did you notice that Amazon actually makes and sells it’s own hardware,

at cost,


Did you notice that Kindle is available on ALL platforms?





to name the main ones.

Did you notice Amazon makes it EASY for an indy author to publish,


collect revenues,

and offers Digital Rights Management built into their platform?


what does this mean?

Amazon has the vast majority of hardcore book buyers already,

this NEW service,

combined with their other strengths:

the ability to ship analog books;

cross platform support;

their own quality tablets-

within 5 years,

will give them the rest of the hardcore readers.

What else does this mean?

Book sales,

as we know it,

has come to an end.

No longer will most authors be able to sell books,

that’s the old way.


the new way is Kindle Unlimited.

A book junkie will download and read your book,

you will get paid a small royalty.

Gone are the days of 70% x 9.99.


a little money per download.

Who will benefit?

Who will suffer?

Here’s what I see.

Fast forward five years:

125 million subscribers worldwide,


for great content.

Devouring new books with every bowel movement.

They see a title,

unknown author,

cool cover,

sounds interesting,

click—> download now.

This book sucks!

New search,

unknown author,

cool cover,

sounds interesting,

click—–> download now.

This book rocks!

What else did this author pen?

click, click, click, click, click….

New authors are going to be discovered,


No longer will Amazon have millions of unread books on their servers,

all their quality content will be discovered!


If you write shit,

you’re fucked.

No longer will you be able to con someone into paying $10 for your crappy book with a catchy title,

(since the royalties will be much smaller,


the pay only happens when the customer reads 10% of the book.)

Who will suffer?

Con men.

Who will benefit?

Anyone who creates great content.

This is a massive playing field leveler.

If you write better than a famous author,

you will make more money than the famous author.

You won’t need a major publishing house to get discovered,

you will be discovered by the Amazon reader horde,

your book will rise in the sales rankings,

your book will spread via reviews and social media,

you will enjoy some FATĀ checks.


assuming you’re a writer,

how can you position yourself to benefit from this new paradigm?

1. Create great content.


Tell me something I don’t already know,





Study the Elements of Style,

read all you can,

write reviews,

master your craft.

No longer will your great book(s) remain undiscovered,

because people don’t want to pony up a dollar to try something new-

Have you ever watched a Netflix movie that you wouldn’t pay full price for at a theatre?

IT’S that cool!

Millions of people will NOW read your work,


it will cost NOTHING to sample it!

2. Create lots of content.

The more,

the shorter,

the better.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for short stories?


Children’s books?


Anything you want to create,

now you have a guaranteed audience as long as it rocks!

Imagine how much money you could make writing a new,


short story every week.

Face it:




is too much money for a short story,


all short stories will be free to the horde.

If this group loves you,

which they fucking will,

they will devour every book you write,

no matter how small.

They will find it,

no matter how difficult it is to search you out.

I am VERY excited.

This is a new gold rush!

The World Has Changed!

I will have as many books as possible as fast as possible on KDP exclusively,

(sorry to my Smashwords fans,)


I must embrace the NEW king.

There is nothing that can compete with this!


for one,

welcome our new publishing overlords.