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Descend: a shortstory (a very quick read): a planet discovered unlike any other;

a dark planet composed of 100% carbon:

  • 10Xs the diameter of Earth should mean extreme gravity; it doesn’t.
  • it should have no life, it’s too far from any star for evolution to have started, yet there is life, abundant life.

As the first explorers begin investigating, a message starts being received, seemingly from the planet itself: “You’re not welcome here! Leave!

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Rules for a Successful #FREEebook KDP Promotion; Alchemy; TRASH into GOLD

Had my best weekend ever! Sold 460 books on Amazon! How did I do it?

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Spent 10 years writing my first novel…

Don’t tell them the name of your novel yet; don’t be a GREEDY PIGGY; that’s SPAM; give them VALUE FIRST then a PLUG is OK.

…please excuse my random musings.

Published my novel, did the KDP free promotion thing, sold my first few, then I decided:

  • if one free promotion is good, two free promotions will be better, right?


My first free promotion got me noticed; I made my first real sales the following week; then I did ANOTHER free promotion.

What no one told me; YOU MUST KNOW:

A book, that is actually SELLING, will move DOWN in the RANKINGS during a FREE GIVEAWAY!


No one told me this; I’m telling YOU.

Amazon paid rankings are based on what you have actually sold, NOT based on downloads.

First free promotion a Saturday in November, first and only book yielded about 30 downloads.

Within 5 days I got my first real sale; within 24 hours my second real sale; my book went to the best sellers ranking in Time Travel.

I wish I could FUCKING go back in time; undo this decision; the second free giveaway the following week nearly destroyed my novels prospect’s; nearly banished my novel to the bowels of Amazon for eternity

My thoughts at the time:

If I have ANOTHER FREE PROMOTION; I should get 100s of free downloads and an even higher ranking, followed by even more real sales

The opposite happened.

Second week free promotion yielded about 20 free downloads (less than first week), after that my book was no longer ranked, it drifted steadily downwards until last week.

This leads to:

  • RULE 1: Never give away a book that is highly ranked and already selling (even sporadically).

I went back to the drawing board.

So what works???

It was at this point in writing this blog post; I pulled these words into Scrivener to write a book specifically to help other authors sell on Amazon.

Novel Roadkill comes in two packets free on Amazon today:

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There will be more  Novel Roadkill in the future, depending on fan response in part.

Please download read end enjoy.

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Power Trip How to take axofilosophein without dying…

Power Trip: NEW Furai Compilation SCFI – FREE download till 12/14.


In the Emperor’s throne room a novice learns HOW to take a DANGEROUS yet powerful DRUG, if you do not follow a few simple rules it will KILL you… 

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Lotus Corporation: Planets auctioned; STIMULANT; key to expanding The Empire #furaicompilation #scifi #freeebook

Lotus Corporation: NEW Furai Compilation SCFI – FREE download till 12/14.


In the near future, alien race is discovered with ability to travel FASTER than speed of light, through projected thought.

The Lotus Corporation owns this newly discovered inhabited planet.

The secret to faster than light, virtual, travel is believed to be a chemical stimulant

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Enter the #DOJO #free #freekindle #mma #brucelee #ufc #bully #bullied #ya #youngadult #sorcery #witch

The first book in The Furai Compilation series is FREE 12/5 – 12/9…

This is a fun read, introduces Ray to Furai majik and self defense.

Normally priced around $7 I know you’re gonna dig it.



Paradise Prison #free #freekindle #singularity #cyborg #scifi #scifibooks #tcot #furaicompilation #mafia #mob

Paradise Prison a short story (very quick read); takes place in the very near future; a tale of a synthetically enhanced man (cyborg) taking over an American prison.

If you like mafia tales, some graphic violence, intelligence gathering and the use of leverage,


It’s FREE December 5th Through December 9th.



Alien Death Match #freekindle #freeebook #booklovers #scifi #scifibooks #ya

Alien Death Match is the most fun you can have, in 7 minutes and 22 seconds, with your pants on!

It takes place, in the near future; hand to hand combat gladiator games, with, an Alien occupying force, being fought by a human guerrilla insurgency.

It’s brutal; it’s twisted; it’s raw; and it’s a LOT of fun!

It’s FREE for a limited time on Amazon.

It’s a short story, a VERY quick read!

Check it out; enjoy; let me know what you think.

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