I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of my Blog and Twitter efforts;

to the men and women who have inspired me over the years.

One of the biggest is Tony Robbins:



In this clip Tony talks about millimeters:

subtle changes to your approach today,

that make a huge difference;

not at first;


weeks later,


months later,

very noticeable;

a year later,

totally different;

decades later,

ALL the difference.

In this video, Tony uses the metaphor of hitting a golf ball:

A tiny difference in contact with the ball;

equals landing a ball on the green;

on the fairway;

in a sand-trap;

or in the water.

Another speech, by Al Pacino, in Any Given Sunday, talks about inches;

LIFE is the product of FIGHTING for that inch:



Every day and in every way FIGHT for:

that millimeter;

that inch.

Yield nothing.


I brought you here for 2 reasons:

  1. to motivate you;
  2. to introduce you to: The Furai Compilation.

The Furai Compilation is:

science fiction;

hard science fiction;

visionary singularity;




self improvement lessons;

things I learned, and am still learning;

a fiction and non fiction universe designed to create a better universe:

for yourself and ALL Man;

Man meaning: the human race; both sexes.

One of the main recurring themes,

in The Furai Compilation is creating:

the universe YOU desire;

on your own terms;


directing ALL your Focus, Energy, and Emotion on making yourself better;

earning your personal FREEDOM;

then making the world a better place.

If you want to experience The Furai Compilation now:

Go here and choose a book:




If you want to go in order: start here:




or here:




(It’s a time travel series, all the books are related and self contained;

there is no starting point and no end.)

If you want to read The Furai Compilation for FREE (and you are patient):

Read this:

Thank you; God bless.



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