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Checked my email a few hours ago,

received a message from Amazon,

my life,

and the life of ANYONE,

who’s an independent author,

will NEVER be the same.

Keep reading.

-They won’t listen to you.

Yes they will.

-No they won’t,

you’re losing them right now.

Well fuck’em then;

you don’t need the competition anyway.

Forgive my random thoughts;


the voices in my head kick into overdrive.

Keep writing.

If you’re a reader,


used to be a reader,


would like to be a reader,

Amazon has just released a Netflix like service for books.

Pay $10 a month,

read ALL you want.


Fucking cool!

Right away I read analysis on a few Web blogs that this is nothing new,


there are two other services which are “similar.”


Did you notice that Amazon is the world’s largest bookstore?

Did you notice that Amazon actually makes and sells it’s own hardware,

at cost,


Did you notice that Kindle is available on ALL platforms?





to name the main ones.

Did you notice Amazon makes it EASY for an indy author to publish,


collect revenues,

and offers Digital Rights Management built into their platform?


what does this mean?

Amazon has the vast majority of hardcore book buyers already,

this NEW service,

combined with their other strengths:

the ability to ship analog books;

cross platform support;

their own quality tablets-

within 5 years,

will give them the rest of the hardcore readers.

What else does this mean?

Book sales,

as we know it,

has come to an end.

No longer will most authors be able to sell books,

that’s the old way.


the new way is Kindle Unlimited.

A book junkie will download and read your book,

you will get paid a small royalty.

Gone are the days of 70% x 9.99.


a little money per download.

Who will benefit?

Who will suffer?

Here’s what I see.

Fast forward five years:

125 million subscribers worldwide,


for great content.

Devouring new books with every bowel movement.

They see a title,

unknown author,

cool cover,

sounds interesting,

click—> download now.

This book sucks!

New search,

unknown author,

cool cover,

sounds interesting,

click—–> download now.

This book rocks!

What else did this author pen?

click, click, click, click, click….

New authors are going to be discovered,


No longer will Amazon have millions of unread books on their servers,

all their quality content will be discovered!


If you write shit,

you’re fucked.

No longer will you be able to con someone into paying $10 for your crappy book with a catchy title,

(since the royalties will be much smaller,


the pay only happens when the customer reads 10% of the book.)

Who will suffer?

Con men.

Who will benefit?

Anyone who creates great content.

This is a massive playing field leveler.

If you write better than a famous author,

you will make more money than the famous author.

You won’t need a major publishing house to get discovered,

you will be discovered by the Amazon reader horde,

your book will rise in the sales rankings,

your book will spread via reviews and social media,

you will enjoy some FAT checks.


assuming you’re a writer,

how can you position yourself to benefit from this new paradigm?

1. Create great content.


Tell me something I don’t already know,





Study the Elements of Style,

read all you can,

write reviews,

master your craft.

No longer will your great book(s) remain undiscovered,

because people don’t want to pony up a dollar to try something new-

Have you ever watched a Netflix movie that you wouldn’t pay full price for at a theatre?

IT’S that cool!

Millions of people will NOW read your work,


it will cost NOTHING to sample it!

2. Create lots of content.

The more,

the shorter,

the better.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid for short stories?


Children’s books?


Anything you want to create,

now you have a guaranteed audience as long as it rocks!

Imagine how much money you could make writing a new,


short story every week.

Face it:




is too much money for a short story,


all short stories will be free to the horde.

If this group loves you,

which they fucking will,

they will devour every book you write,

no matter how small.

They will find it,

no matter how difficult it is to search you out.

I am VERY excited.

This is a new gold rush!

The World Has Changed!

I will have as many books as possible as fast as possible on KDP exclusively,

(sorry to my Smashwords fans,)


I must embrace the NEW king.

There is nothing that can compete with this!


for one,

welcome our new publishing overlords.











What do YOU want? More than anything? #lawofattraction can be enhanced- learn about the power of Concussion!

** The Ether *********************************************

Cynthia: “The Ether is a transmission medium that covers the planet, the solar system, the universe. It is everywhere and connects everything. When you think about someone, and they call you on the phone, that’s The Ether. When you desire something, and pray for it, and the prayer comes true, that’s The Ether.

Focus on your right hand, what do you feel?”

Ray: “Nothing sifu, no wait, I feel my right hand getting warm, no hot! Ow! It’s burning sifu! It’s burning! Please! Make it stop sifu!”

Cynthia: “That burning you just felt, was the result of my mind tricking your mind into believing, your hand was being burned by a powerful heat lamp.

I can concentrate that energy over your whole body if I wished, or focus on one small area like your finger tip. That is an example of me connecting to your mind, using chi, through The Ether, and causing pain by nerve induction.

I could make you feel hot, or cold. I could make you tired, or fill you with energy. I could also generate massive chi and really burn you, or, set fire to an object.

A person that can manipulate his chi, and The Ether can do many things:
Astral projection,
see the future,
image projection,
mind reading,
mind control,
dream control,
walk through walls,
control the weather.

I can plant thoughts and emotions into your head, so that you would feel fear, or anger.

The possibilities are only limited, by your imagination.

Through Ether manipulation, Furai can draw whatever they wish to themselves. A Furai can walk into any casino and win, or manipulate the direction of the stock market, or cause a quarterback to throw an interception, or get sacked.

The Ether is the ultimate power in the universe! A person who masters these things can heal, or kill with a thought.

You have heard the term Furai before, correct?”

Ray: “Yes, sifu. Johanna mentioned it. Tony talked about it.”

Cynthia: “She told you your father is The Furai, right?”

Ray: “Yes sifu. What is a Furai?”

Cynthia: A Furai is a person that uses all of his mind, all of his power, to achieve personal freedom.

Your father is The Furai.

The people who have learned this technology, they are called Furai.

Furai is singular and plural: one Furai, many Furai. Furai means Freedom samURAI. The word ‘Furai’ is a kenning, a word of power, which connects two words together.

Freedom is like the iron, samurai is like the carbon. Together, the kenning ‘Furai’ means you are more powerful if you are a mixture between:
freedom and discipline;
carbon and iron;
flexibility and rigidness.

Furai have great power. They control their minds, bodies, emotions to create maximum chi, which they use to benefit themselves, those they love, the Furai organization, and ultimately all mankind.”

Ray: “Can Furai do evil with their manipulation of The Ether, sifu?”

Cynthia: “Good and evil are constructs, that have different meanings to a Furai. By the Furai definition of good and evil, it is impossible for a Furai to manipulate The Ether to do evil.

The Furai definition of good is,
anything that benefits the Furai is good,
anything that harms the Furai is Evil.

Evil would be to knowingly harm yourself, or our organization. A Furai would never do this.

You are a Level One Furai. At this stage it is very important that we, your sifus, do not teach you too much, too fast. The results could be disastrous for you, and everyone around you. Great power requires great responsibility.

Let’s walk over to the heavy bag shall we?”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “I’m going to hit the bag using focus and energy.”

She hits the bag, “pretty good hit.” Ray thinks to himself. Ray admires her perfect form and perfect body; what a beauty!

Cynthia: “Now I am going to hit the bag with focus, energy, and emotion.”

This time, when Cynthia hits the bag, she lets out a strong exhale. The bag snaps with her blow, then moves further than when Drew and Bruce hit it!”

Ray smiles.

Ray: “That’s quite a punch sifu!”

Cynthia: “Thank you. Now I want to show you something cool. Get on the other side of the bag. Hold the bag in place with just your arms; do not attempt to hold the bag with your body.”

Ray gets on the other side of the heavy bag, puts a hand on either side, and concentrates on holding the bag fixed.

Cynthia: “Are you ready Ray?”

Ray: “Yes sifu. I know I can’t hold it, if you wallop it sifu.”

Cynthia: “That’s OK Ray, do your best; no matter what you see, or feel, don’t move and don’t let go. Are you ready Ray?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

While Ray is bracing for a hit, he is concentrating on the bag. Ray notices the vinyl on the bag appears to transform in shininess.

Cynthia: “What do you see Ray?”

Ray: “The bag was shinier a moment ago, now it has a dull, flat appearance, sifu.”

Cynthia: “Good Ray. Now, keep staring at the bag. You will see something strange, don’t be alarmed; don’t let go of the bag.”

Ray keeps looking at the heavy bag; he notices a ripple form. Like the bag is made out of water every place, except where his hands are grasping it.

Then, he sees Cynthia’s fist come straight through the bag, slowly, as if her fist is passing through a thick, black liquid.

A ripple emanates out from where her fist exits the bag.

Cynthia’s fist continues to move slowly; through the bag; until, her fist hits Ray on the sternum, slowly and gently.

Ray wants to let go of the bag; he is terrified.

Ray holds the bag faithfully though; and, watches her fist go backwards, slowly.

Her fist is engulfed by the vinyl; ripples continue for a moment; then the vinyl gets shiny again.

Cynthia: “You can let go of the bag now Ray. Good job.”

Ray: “How is this possible sifu?”

Cynthia: “Ray, what are the states of normal matter?”

Ray: “Solid, liquid, gas sifu.”

Cynthia: “Ray what happens at the atomic level when an ice cube melts?”

Ray: “The water atoms begin to move more rapidly, as they heat up. This movement makes the substance appear to be liquid, sifu”

Cynthia: “Good Ray. The water didn’t change; it is still water.

Water’s appearance changes, because the molecules begin moving freely. That’s what happened with the bag a moment ago. The molecules, in the bag, began to move freely, so they became like a liquid, for my fist to go through.”

Ray: “Why didn’t my hands, go through the bag when I was holding it? Why didn’t the bag get hot? I know vinyl only melts at high temperatures sifu.”

Cynthia: “Because, I didn’t melt the vinyl Ray. I demanded that those vinyl molecules yield to my will. So the molecules began to move, allowing my fist to pass through them.

If I had melted the bag, it would have been a real mess, and you’re right, the bag would have gotten hot. Not to mention the bag is full of sand, which if melted would have become molten glass.”

Ray: “That’s why your fist moved slowly; you had to pass through the sand slowly, sifu.”

Cynthia: “Precisely; now have a seat.”


Cynthia: “We live in a universe made up of energy. Everything is pure energy, the floor, the ceiling, the air, the heavy bag, you and I. That is the first and most important concept to take away from what I have shown you. All of this energy is connected, this connection is called The Ether.

The next concept is this, and this is very important to understand: you create the universe you desire; the universe yields to your will. A Furai can say to the bag, or a mountain, ‘yield to my will!’; if he does not doubt (and has the appropriate amount of chi energy), the universe will obey him. Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu, I understand the concept. When will I be able to do such things?”

Cynthia: “Maybe never Ray. Such things are done with focus, energy, and emotion.

You have to focus on what you want, be able to imagine it vividly in your mind; keep that image in your mind, without distraction.

You have to have massive energy, which is a product of many factors: how much rest you get, how healthy you are, what you eat, how you exercise, your frame of mind, your confidence and many other factors.

The last element is emotion.

Do you believe that the universe will yield for you? 

Do you demand it? 

Do you demand it with authority?

Do you demand it with intensity?

Do you exercise your God given right to dominion over the universe?

Who’s fucking universe is it!?”

Ray is terrified by the look in Cynthia’s eyes. He knows she could kill any man walking Earth, with the emotion she is capable of generating; the energy she contains; the focus she possesses. 

Cynthia: “Very few people can ever do what I have shown you Ray, no matter how much they ‘learn’. There are so many variables.

You will need to pay attention, to study, to push yourself to be great, to believe in yourself, and your teachings.

That being said, you’re a smart kid. You are surrounded by dedicated people, who will give you the finest education. THIS IS ALL REAL! It is up to you to master, not merely learn.”

Ray: “Sifu, how long did it take you to master?”

Cynthia: “I can’t tell you that Ray. If I tell you it was a short amount of time, this might discourage you, if it doesn’t happen when you expect. If I tell you it was a long amount of time, you may give up, thinking it’s too much work. The only thing I will tell you is this: if you want this power, more than anything; it will happen for you. 

God created you in his image Ray. God created the whole universe by saying, “Let there be light.” You can except these two great truths, or you can reject them. Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”

Cynthia: The process of bending the universe, of manipulating The Ether to your desires, is called Concussion. A Concussion is the product of laser like detailed focus, high energy, and massive, intense, emotion.”


Cynthia: “Ray, what is a thought?”

Ray: “A thought is an electrical impulse in your mind, fired between your neural network, sifu.”

Cynthia: “That’s a purely Newtonian definition, but very good. Newtonian Mechanics expresses a set of laws governing the universe, which breaks the universe down into a bunch of machines, humans, being just another machine.

Newton himself believed in God, and believed in a much vaster universe than his laws defined. Newton studied alchemy, the ability to transform base metals into gold. Newton went from a nobody, to being transformed into one of the most famous scientists in the world.

Last century man discovered the quantum universe, a universe of light speed, of vast energy at the subatomic level. What science has discovered is that Newtonian mechanics fails at speeds approaching the speed of light. Newtonian mechanics also fails when it deals with particles at the subatomic level. This led to a new science called Quantum Mechanics, which gives new formulas for calculation of tiny things, and fast things.

Thoughts, all thoughts, extend beyond your mind, beyond your neural network. All thoughts affect the universe. All thoughts affect your health. When you think positive things, positive things tend to occur; when you think negative, the opposite happens. 

Whether you believe your thoughts create your reality doesn’t matter. They do, this is a fact, as real as gravity, as real as the energy that leaves your cell phone, you can’t see it, taste it, touch it, feel it, but it is there.

Ray:”“I understand sifu.”

Cynthia: “Good. Be mindful of your thoughts, control them at all times. Force yourself to think positively at all times. If someone is saying negative things, rebuke them, try to swing them to positivity; if you can’t, then ignore them, get away from them, avoid them. If they want to destroy themselves with negativity, so be it. Try to teach them otherwise, but you can’t save everyone.

** Rip Open the Universe ******************************

Cynthia: “Imagine a pond on a day with no wind. Picture it in your mind now.”

Ray: “OK sifu.”

Cynthia: “Now Ray, imagine throwing a tiny pebble into the pond. Tell me what you see.”

Ray: “The water ripples for a moment; after the pebble hits the pond. The ripples continue for a while, then stop, sifu”

Cynthia: “Excellent Ray. Now, imagine what would happen, if you picked up a heavy cinderblock over your head, and cast it into this same pond with ALL your force.”

Ray: “The cinder block creates a huge wave sifu; the whole pond is effected by it sifu.”

Cynthia: “Perfect. The universe is the pond, a thought is a pebble, a Concussion is the cinderblock thrown with all your might. A Concussion is a thought form, cast with such emotion, such energy, such focus, that it rips open the universe, and creates supernatural change.

A Concussion is created through concentrated focus, massive energy, and high emotion. The more precise the focus, the higher the energy you possess, the more emotion you generate, the more powerful the Concussion.

The process for creating a Concussion:
decide what you desire.
Focus on your desire and it alone,
pour all of your energy into your desire;
explode with great emotion, great faith.
It is finished!

** Generating a Concussion ***************************

Cynthia: “Now we are going to generate a Concussion.

Ray, what do you want, more than anything?

This is an excerpt from My Novel:




On SALE for $.99- Learn powerful majik (and many other things) download now on Amazon.

To my future RABID fans. #twittermarketing #thefc #furaicompilation

Spent some time on Twitter this week; spent very little time writing (at least beyond 140 character chunks.)

Learned quite a bit about the nature of Twitter; still confused about a few things.

Doubled my Twitter followers in a week, but, most followers aren’t real; don’t know how valuable that is (short term anyway).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my “followers” it’s just strange to me: I can spend a long time crafting something to help people, send it out, and no one retweets or favorites it.



When I say doubled, by the way, I mean from 100 to 200 in a week; growth rate is exciting; numbers not so much.

What I am proud of is that my tweets themselves, form an electronic book, of sorts, teaching life lessons, motivational skills etc.

Some day my real, rabid fans will mine (as in data mine or gold mine) my Tweets looking for gems; RT what is valuable, for eternity.

As of right now, it seems like a fuck-ton of work for no fucking pay.

According to the Furai Emperor, a hundred years from now, people will still be reading and retweeting the hard work I did this week; have faith; keep working.

Sharkism: Keep moving forward; fear nothing; enjoy the feast.

He also told me to edit my Tweets, deleting what has no value (so, I deleted some jokes about Justin Bieber I made this morning.)

Dogism: If you can’t fuck it, or eat it, you don’t need it; piss on it.

I think the jokes were funny; they were too distracting for level one Furai use.

So, if you read my Tweets and something offends you, just realize my Tweets (or my Facebook feed is unedited me (at least temporarily, and may be edited in the future, for better or worse) I’m not perfect, take the good with the bad.

Nearly Everything I tweet or write is designed to:
Help my readers.
Make my readers laugh.
Spread truth.

Of course the purpose of the Twitter account is to help me sell books, at some level. My thought is that if people dig my Tweets, they will dig my books (and vice versa). So a small amount of my Tweets will be self promotion, buy my book spam type shit.

Sorry if that offends you, my Twitter account aint charity, it’s part of my business.

I try to limit spam to one or two items a day; analyze my tweets, very little there.

This may change in the future; always experimenting.

I sometimes go overboard with my humor, and sometimes a joke just doesn’t work. Oh well, I fuckin’ tried.

Thanks for reading this; whenever it is; wherever you are.

I wrote it for you; I love you; my future rabid fans, my wolf pack. 


Are #Vampires Real? Symbiotic #Relationships #Power #Energy #Sales #LOA

First a laugh at someone else’s expense:

Now for the Blog post, starting with a couple of book excerpts:

** Energy Exchange *************************************

Chris: “The second lesson is called energy exchange.

In all encounters with others, energy is exchanged between them. There are three basic types of communications between people:

I can build you up or make you laugh, you can build me up or make me laugh, the process can continue forever, giving us both more energy than when the exchange started. This is a symbiotic exchange.

I can clash with you, you can clash with me, the process continues till we’re both exhausted. This exchange is called abrasion.

I can complain, you can build me up, the process continues ‘till I suck all of your energy out. This is a parasitic exchange.

Do not be abrasive or parasitic, nor allow others to be that way with you. Seek symbiotic exchanges, with symbiotic people, and, be mindful of your every word. Try to build others up, and only hang with those who try and build you up. Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”


** Spending Time With Johanna *********************


Johanna: “One of the great truths in life Ray, is that if you focus more time on making others happy, and less time on your own needs, most of the time, it comes back to you one hundred fold.

I am not saying don’t be selfish, on the contrary, I am saying it is in your own rational self interest to: 

give to others, 

be kind to others, 

love others, 

smile at others, 

listen to others.

The more you do these, the more others will do them for you. 

Are there people that take advantage?

That suck the life out of you?

That take more than they give?

You bet.

Your father calls them vampires. Your father hates controlling people. He hates people that take and take and take. It’s funny, people that focus on taking, never have enough; those that focus on giving will have more than they need.

The key to this equation is:

to give without expecting anything in return,

to be appreciative and truly grateful for everything you have,

to forgive others when they wrong you,

to love unconditionally both yourself, and others,

and to avoid vampires.

A person can only take advantage of you, if you accept it.

My advice, assume that when you give, you will get back a hundred fold, but if someone consistently takes, and doesn’t reciprocate, stop being their friend. Let them go. Life is too short to be around, or worry about such people.”


These are excerpts from:




The Bully series is science fiction, philosophy, metaphysical etc. It will make you laugh, it will make you think.

There are many great people in the world. Friendly, loving, generous, giving people who will give you the shirt off their back. When you engage with them you will end up with more energy than when you started.


There are other types of people who will wear you out. People that like to argue or complain.

If you want to be successful: limit your exposure to those that will take energy from you and maximize exposure with those that will give more energy to you.

This is not just for face to face relationships!

In the modern age with Twitter, Facebook, TV etc., you will find these types of relationships as well.

That’s the easy part. Weeding out others who are abrasive and the parasitic.

Now for the hard part.

Are you abrasive?

Are you parasitic?

Take an honest look at your communications with others, both face to face and electronic.

Are you trying to build others up? Make others laugh?

Or are you behaving less than perfectly?

I am guilty of abrasion at times, it is part of my DNA to argue when someone is spreading untruths, to post something controversial knowing it will or may anger others, or to attack those who behave inappropriately.


Don’t think so.

I try not to complain about my circumstances or problems seeking encouragement.

Asking for help is not parasitic!

Parasitic is complaining about something with the goal of eliciting another’s sympathy, attention, energy.

You’ve come to the end of my blog post.

Did I produce value for you?

Are you ready to behave in a symbiotic fashion for the rest of your life?

Are you ready to seek symbiotic relationships?

If the answer is yes:


Following my Blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

If you do, I promise, I will TRY to behave in a symbiotic way with you.

With love.


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Just had my best month ever; went from 50 ebooks sold in November to over 1000 ebooks sold in December (and December aint over yet!)

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More to come.

Merry Christmas!


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#freeebook #freekindle #furaicompilation Friday

This is my last public Blog post and Tweet about free giveaways.

From now on, all free promotions, if I choose to run anymore, will always center around Friday.

I usually give out books on Thursday and Saturday too (and sometimes other days), but EVERY book that is given away Free will always be available on at least one Friday, WHY?

Because, I’m sick of talking about it.

To me, this blog should be a creative writing platform, a place I can go and just write.

Announcing a free ebook via blog is too much work: it takes a minimum of an hour to construct a decent blog post, edit it, and compose a decent Tweet.

Most of these blog posts are pretty identical, so, I refuse to do them any longer.

So, if you want to subscribe to my blog, please do so:

  • I’ll blog about books recently published, books I’m working on, and any other topic I feel like ranting about; what I won’t do, is tell you when my stories are going to be available for FREE:


This FRIDAY is 12/20, the giveaway starts at 12:00 AM PST (Amazon’s Midnight- 3 AM Eastcoast)

This Friday is my Christmas bonus to you, my fans, (and the ones that read my blogpost from the hashtag room.)

TOMORROW you can download 6 packets (short stories and small books) and 2 Novels for FREE (Retail $28):

PACKETS: (short stories/quick reads)

Lotus Corporation – Packet 4





In the near future, alien race is discovered with ability to travel FASTER than speed of light, through projected thought.

The Lotus Corporation owns this newly discovered inhabited planet.

The secret to faster than light, virtual, travel is believed to be a chemical stimulant

Power Trip – Packet 5

12/20 and 12/21




A direct continuation of Lotus Corporation.

Power Trip takes us physically to The Emperor’s throne room, for a journey into metaphysics, hypnosis, and psychological terror.

Novel Roadkill 1 – Packet 6

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Teaches the first two rules to follow when giving an Ebook away (nonfiction to help writers sell their novels).

Novel Roadkill 2 – Packet 7 

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An account of a writer receiving advice from an unexpected source, his future self!

Ties together Power Trip and Novel Roadkill.

Descend – Packet 8


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Descend: a planet discovered unlike any other;

a dark planet composed of 100% carbon:

  • 10Xs the diameter of Earth should mean extreme gravity; it doesn’t.
  • it should have no life, it’s too far from any star for evolution to have started, yet there is life, abundant life.

As the first explorers begin investigating, a message starts being received, seemingly from the planet itself: “You’re not welcome here! Leave!

Science Fiction and Psychological Horror.

The Gates – Packet 9


12/19 12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23




A character, mentioned a few times in How to Beat up a Bully, will stop at nothing to achieve success, this drive, leads him down a very dark path,

a path that leads to: The Gates.


Kuzka’s Mother

12/20 12/21 12/22 12/23 12/24






12/20 12/21




How to Beat up a Bully introduces The Seeker to:

Ray, the main character of The Furai Compilation.

Ivan, the scientist inventor crucial to the survival of the human race.

And, the Furai, a dangerous secret society, that teaches its followers ancient majik; how to build, finance, and manage an army, and, conquer any enemy.