To my future RABID fans. #twittermarketing #thefc #furaicompilation

Spent some time on Twitter this week; spent very little time writing (at least beyond 140 character chunks.)

Learned quite a bit about the nature of Twitter; still confused about a few things.

Doubled my Twitter followers in a week, but, most followers aren’t real; don’t know how valuable that is (short term anyway).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my “followers” it’s just strange to me: I can spend a long time crafting something to help people, send it out, and no one retweets or favorites it.



When I say doubled, by the way, I mean from 100 to 200 in a week; growth rate is exciting; numbers not so much.

What I am proud of is that my tweets themselves, form an electronic book, of sorts, teaching life lessons, motivational skills etc.

Some day my real, rabid fans will mine (as in data mine or gold mine) my Tweets looking for gems; RT what is valuable, for eternity.

As of right now, it seems like a fuck-ton of work for no fucking pay.

According to the Furai Emperor, a hundred years from now, people will still be reading and retweeting the hard work I did this week; have faith; keep working.

Sharkism: Keep moving forward; fear nothing; enjoy the feast.

He also told me to edit my Tweets, deleting what has no value (so, I deleted some jokes about Justin Bieber I made this morning.)

Dogism: If you can’t fuck it, or eat it, you don’t need it; piss on it.

I think the jokes were funny; they were too distracting for level one Furai use.

So, if you read my Tweets and something offends you, just realize my Tweets (or my Facebook feed is unedited me (at least temporarily, and may be edited in the future, for better or worse) I’m not perfect, take the good with the bad.

Nearly Everything I tweet or write is designed to:
Help my readers.
Make my readers laugh.
Spread truth.

Of course the purpose of the Twitter account is to help me sell books, at some level. My thought is that if people dig my Tweets, they will dig my books (and vice versa). So a small amount of my Tweets will be self promotion, buy my book spam type shit.

Sorry if that offends you, my Twitter account aint charity, it’s part of my business.

I try to limit spam to one or two items a day; analyze my tweets, very little there.

This may change in the future; always experimenting.

I sometimes go overboard with my humor, and sometimes a joke just doesn’t work. Oh well, I fuckin’ tried.

Thanks for reading this; whenever it is; wherever you are.

I wrote it for you; I love you; my future rabid fans, my wolf pack. 



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