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First a laugh at someone else’s expense:

Now for the Blog post, starting with a couple of book excerpts:

** Energy Exchange *************************************

Chris: “The second lesson is called energy exchange.

In all encounters with others, energy is exchanged between them. There are three basic types of communications between people:

I can build you up or make you laugh, you can build me up or make me laugh, the process can continue forever, giving us both more energy than when the exchange started. This is a symbiotic exchange.

I can clash with you, you can clash with me, the process continues till we’re both exhausted. This exchange is called abrasion.

I can complain, you can build me up, the process continues ‘till I suck all of your energy out. This is a parasitic exchange.

Do not be abrasive or parasitic, nor allow others to be that way with you. Seek symbiotic exchanges, with symbiotic people, and, be mindful of your every word. Try to build others up, and only hang with those who try and build you up. Do you understand?”

Ray: “Yes sifu.”


** Spending Time With Johanna *********************


Johanna: “One of the great truths in life Ray, is that if you focus more time on making others happy, and less time on your own needs, most of the time, it comes back to you one hundred fold.

I am not saying don’t be selfish, on the contrary, I am saying it is in your own rational self interest to: 

give to others, 

be kind to others, 

love others, 

smile at others, 

listen to others.

The more you do these, the more others will do them for you. 

Are there people that take advantage?

That suck the life out of you?

That take more than they give?

You bet.

Your father calls them vampires. Your father hates controlling people. He hates people that take and take and take. It’s funny, people that focus on taking, never have enough; those that focus on giving will have more than they need.

The key to this equation is:

to give without expecting anything in return,

to be appreciative and truly grateful for everything you have,

to forgive others when they wrong you,

to love unconditionally both yourself, and others,

and to avoid vampires.

A person can only take advantage of you, if you accept it.

My advice, assume that when you give, you will get back a hundred fold, but if someone consistently takes, and doesn’t reciprocate, stop being their friend. Let them go. Life is too short to be around, or worry about such people.”


These are excerpts from:



The Bully series is science fiction, philosophy, metaphysical etc. It will make you laugh, it will make you think.

There are many great people in the world. Friendly, loving, generous, giving people who will give you the shirt off their back. When you engage with them you will end up with more energy than when you started.


There are other types of people who will wear you out. People that like to argue or complain.

If you want to be successful: limit your exposure to those that will take energy from you and maximize exposure with those that will give more energy to you.

This is not just for face to face relationships!

In the modern age with Twitter, Facebook, TV etc., you will find these types of relationships as well.

That’s the easy part. Weeding out others who are abrasive and the parasitic.

Now for the hard part.

Are you abrasive?

Are you parasitic?

Take an honest look at your communications with others, both face to face and electronic.

Are you trying to build others up? Make others laugh?

Or are you behaving less than perfectly?

I am guilty of abrasion at times, it is part of my DNA to argue when someone is spreading untruths, to post something controversial knowing it will or may anger others, or to attack those who behave inappropriately.


Don’t think so.

I try not to complain about my circumstances or problems seeking encouragement.

Asking for help is not parasitic!

Parasitic is complaining about something with the goal of eliciting another’s sympathy, attention, energy.

You’ve come to the end of my blog post.

Did I produce value for you?

Are you ready to behave in a symbiotic fashion for the rest of your life?

Are you ready to seek symbiotic relationships?

If the answer is yes:


Following my Blog, Twitter, or Facebook.

If you do, I promise, I will TRY to behave in a symbiotic way with you.

With love.



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