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What is young adult – YA science fiction?

To me, it is an adult novel written with a teenage or young adult hero, and, adult or semi adult themes.

Examples, IMHO, would be:

The Dune Series.

The Foundation Series.

The Star Wars saga.

The Hunger Games.

If you enjoyed these stories, you will enjoy my book as well.

The book, How to: Beat up a Bully; Take his Bitch. The Furai Compilation, object 1., centers around Ray, who is 12.

Ray is taught, by a series of masters, a new technology to unleash the forces of the universe, for personal gain.

It is currently listed in Amazon’s top 100 best sellers list in two categories:

Science Fiction> Time Travel

Young Adult> Science fiction> Action & Adventure


It’s free- today only-


Please check it out!

Download it now. Let me know what you think!




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